Bespoke Flooring of Holt

The TERMS and CONDITIONS set out below apply to any contract or order accepted for the supply and / or fitting of carpets, flooring or any other product purchased from the Company.  Any variation binding on the Company must be in writing and signed by a Director on behalf of the Company.  In these terms and conditions “the Company” means Bespoke Flooring of Holt Ltd.  By accepting a quotation you are also accepting the following Terms and Conditions - this does not affect your statutory rights.

Terms of Payment Full payment with order unless otherwise stated. Any agreed balances are payable by cash, debit/credit card or bank transfer. We are unable to accept payments by cheque. Any dispute with the invoice must be notified to the Company within seven days of the invoice date otherwise the invoice is deemed payable as per the Terms and Conditions.

Prices Prices are not fixed and are subject to fluctuations in cost of materials, labour and tax. Prices do not include: cutting doors, making good floors, moving furniture or metal edges unless otherwise stated.

Delivery Whilst every effort is made to execute orders promptly, the company cannot accept liability arising from delay, however caused. Where possible, we will inform our customer of any delay. A difficult entry will only be attempted on the written authority of the customer.

Fitting and Delivery Times  Every effort is made to ensure we keep our fitting and delivery appointments. However, any times given are approximate and cannot be guaranteed as previous jobs may take longer than anticipated or other unforeseen circumstances may delay the fitter, delivery driver or supplier. Should any delay occur we will reschedule the fitting or delivery for the soonest available agreed time. We reserve the right to charge an additional fitting charge if the customer cancels an agreed installation date where we are given less than 24hours notice.

Pile Pressure, Shading and Pile Reversal in Carpets All pile carpets, especially plain grounds, will show light and dark areas according to the direction in which the pile yarn lies. As carpets become soiled in wear, they may appear to lose colour, but this may be restored when the carpet is cleaned. It should be remembered that light or delicately coloured carpets may show this effect sooner than those where the colour is stronger or the pattern more pronounced. The above characteristics are inherent in all pile fabrics and are not to be considered defects. Changes in carpet appearance such as those occurring from staining, soiling, fading, piling or flattening (e.g. shading, matting or crushing) of a carpet pile are not included within any carpet guarantee.

Lines Because of the way carpets are manufactured they may show“lines” or “stripes” along the length. This can be particularly noticeable in Berber styles.

Widths All carpets are sold subject to manufacturers tolerances on width and length which allows +/- 1¼%

Inspection All carpets and flooring must be inspected prior to cutting or fitting to ensure that it is the correct pattern, colour and quality ordered.   

Matching For manufacturing reasons it is not always possible to obtain an exact colour match between different widths of carpet. We therefore recommend that plain and tonal carpets are made up from one width whenever possible, so that slight differences in colour matching which generally cannot be avoided do not arise. Carpets or LVT ordered at different times cannot be guaranteed to colour match. Wood is a natural product and will vary in colour.  Carpets are liable to stretch or shrink in certain conditions and this is not considered a manufacturing defect. Wool carpets are likely to shed fibres in the early stages. Berber carpets may pill (this is where small fibre balls form on the surface of the carpet). These are not considered manufacturing defects. Claims for manufacturing faults will not be accepted after goods have been cut.

Shortage Claims for shortage will not be entered into if goods have been supplied and/or cut to customer supplied dimensions.

Cancellations Cancellations cannot be accepted for orders after goods have been cut or despatched by the manufacturer nor special orders if manufacture has begun. The Company reserves the right to offer a credit note for any orders that are agreed to be cancelled.

Passing of Property All goods are at the risk of the customer as soon as they have been delivered or collected, but the property and ownership of the goods will not pass until cleared payment, in full, has been received by the Company.

Overdue Accounts Should the Company decide to instruct a professional Collection Agency or Solicitor to collect a debt due under a contract, the whole cost of such collection, including all professional fees, shall be borne by the customer. Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts of seven days or more at Santander Bank plc base rate plus 4%.

Completion The Company will not be held responsible for delays in completion of work caused by other trades or any other circumstance outside its control.  Customer delays may incur a storage charge for materials held at our facility and will be calculated on time and quantity involved.

Making Good Floors Where sub floors need smoothing using screeding materials or plyboard, it cannot be guaranteed that existing undulations or changes in subfloor heights (particularly between wood and concrete floors or between rooms where walls have been removed) will not still be noticeable.

Sub floor Preparation When carrying out site surveys, we can only carry out a limited assessment of the sub floor condition if existing floor coverings are in place at the time of inspection. If it is ascertained that further preparation works are required once existing floor coverings have been uplifted then we will provide a quote for the works. We accept no liability for the condition of a sub floor that has not been suitably prepared.

Damage The Company cannot accept responsibility for any damage incurred to sub floors whilst securing materials to floors. The Company cannot accept responsibility for any damage incurred to walls, paintwork, decorations and furniture. The Company cannot be held responsible for damage to unsecured telephone cables or other wires, nor for pipes or cables below the surface.

Fixture and Fittings All surfaces must be cleared. The Company will not be responsible for removal of tools, computers, audio/visual or any other equipment.

NB :- All rooms must be cleared. The Company will not be responsible for damage caused to furniture, ornaments or equipment.

Bespoke Flooring of Holt, Feathers Yard, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6BF                                                                       Dated: January 2020

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